A couple of years ago my wife Kelli became sick with fibromyalgia and some other debilitating diseases that eventually caused her to be unable to work anymore. She had previously been a nurse and enjoyed the freedom of her job and the pay that came along with it. Losing an entire income that our family had become accustomed to caused us some initial shock, but we realized that we couldn’t continue to spend like we used to. We had to make some adjustments and some cutbacks…we had to look at EVERY expense and figure out how we could make it on just one income. This definitely took some adjusting. I had been selling online for many years and did pretty good at it, but dealt with rising costs and no benefits and a sick wife,  I had to get a job with some health insurance, 401k etc. I went into sales and excelled at it immediately, but with an uncertain income we still needed to make some adjustments. This caused me to become a MANIAC (according to the family) about saving money on everything, making sure the lights were off, turning the tv off etc. when no one was watching and other ways to save money on what we purchased. We came up with some pretty creative & unusual  ways to save money on everyday expenses and this leads me to why I started this site / channel.                                                                                                                                                                  ready

We know that there may be others of you in a similar situation that need to save money on everyday things, or you just want to spend less on the items they buy. This is where we come in, this blog is all about adding value to your life. Please make sure to click the FOLLOW this blog, LIKE US ON FACEBOOK and read our regular posts. We hope that you will share this ride with us. The way I figure it …the more you save on everyday things, the more you can spend on what you really want to do (vacations, savings, fun in the sun, etc). What will you do with your savings?

Come along with us as we figure out ways to be frugal and save thousands every year on what we do. Tell a friend that you know and love. Thanks for saving money with us at “MoneySavingTipz”.

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