How to Check Your Internet Speed & Extend your Internet’s Range

Easy way to INCREASE internet speeds

Internet has become a very important part of life today. Do you remember what life was like before we had it? Today just about everything we do is connected in some way to our internet, so it’s vital that we get a great reliable high-speed wireless connection so that we can conduct life as we know it today efficiently. Gamers (those that play video games with others online), kids, work from home employees, and entrepreneurs all need to make sure that the speed of your internet and their wifi can handle all today’s demand and has the necessary bandwidth.

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If you have wireless cameras, Ring Doorbell / Ring Floodlight, wireless security cameras and anything else that you connect through the internet, reliability is of the utmost importance. It can mean the difference between being safe in our homes and no safety in case of a poor connection.

Here’s the best way to test your current providers internet speed. Simply go to: and perform the test. Make sure that you have a speed of at least 60-100 mbps internet speed.

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Do you have “dead zones” in your home with no or limited internet coverage? Try one of these. It is guaranteed to help you extend your internet’s range.

What about the response time of your router  why not try this low-cost option to a slow response and delay in how your speed comes across to you. By simply updating your router using the link above you should notice an improvement if you’re using an older router that you own.

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