7 Low Cost Ways to Secure Your Dorm / Apartment or Home WITHOUT a Security System

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Security today should be everyone’s concern. Wherever we are we have to be concerned with all types of security, home security , dorm and apartment security, even personal security . Today we’re going to focus on dorm and apartment security on a budget, even though most of these solutions could apply to homeowners as well. It’s one of those things that is better handled proactively rather than in a reactive manner.

Here are some ways for you to protect yourself and feel more secure in your dorm / apartment or home

  1. A high quality security bar can be used to secure a door that swings IN…Simply place the bar against all the doors that swings IN.
  2. For extra as well as portable security use these door stop alarms that will sound off 120db in the event of the door being opened. Noise is an excellent deterrent to crime. Don’t forget to make this appear very secured with security company window and door stickers.
  3. If you are in a dorm or an apartment try this remote controlled door alarm for amazing feeling of well being and safety.
  4. Doors and windows are a popular way for a thief to get in your home. Deter them with these 120db door & window alarms that will alert you to an intrusion attempt. Another way to feel safe is to have this door handle alarm hanging. It senses vibration and gives off a 110db alarm if triggered by someone’s touch. An awesome low-cost solution.       Also See: Home Security Tips That BURGLARS Don’t Want You to Know…part 1…AVOID HOME BREAK-INS
  5. Nowadays a high-speed internet connection can be your best friend. Know who’s coming to your door and why with this Ring doorbell that sends a live video feed to your smartphone so that you can talk to them and see who is there and why.


6. Personal protection is very important too, maximize yours by carrying this alarm with you everywhere you go. As a backup make sure that have this police strength product with you at all times. These products use the two things that thieves hate the most when confronted.

7. A smartphone and WiFi connection is a marriage made in heaven especially when you want to know exactly what’s going on inside of your place where you live. Here’s how you can do it for a very low cost and get notified if there’s any movement in side of your house immediately: this Wi-Fi camera will notify you if there’s anything that moves… you can see it, also be aware if the condition of your pets and exactly what else is taking place inside your home…even in the dark.

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What are some ways that you use to protect yourself?

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