10 Items You Must Have To Start a SUCCESSFUL EBAY ONLINE BUSINESS (create an awesome side hustle)


If you are considering starting a Ebay business congratulations…you can have a lot of fun and make a lot of money.  There are a couple of rules, things that you need to know and “tools” that you absolutely have to possess to succeed long-term.

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You may have some of these items already, but these investments in your business will pay off handsomely in your greater efficiency, improved productivity and professionalism as the end goal with satisfied customers raving about your products that you sell.

These are items that you must have to succeed long term in your Ebay Business.

  1. A HIGH QUALITY SHIPPING SCALE…Everything you sell must be weighed to know what type of shipping is REQUIRED. The weight of a item and knowing the right type of packaging is super important to making sure your item arrives quickly and on time.
  2. TAPE DISPENSER & SHIPPING TAPE.  You’ll use lots of tape your EBay business so getting the best deal on supplies is one key to making sure you are profitable.
  3. If you are serious about selling on EBAY invest in a THERMAL PRINTER. This is what separates the Successful Ebay Sellers from the “amateurs”. Trust me on this one…you will look and seem like a big corporation with your packages to your customers and get great feedback too.
  4. POLY SHIPPING MAILING BAGS will get your packages to your customers safely and without damage. These shipping bags are tearproof, lightweight and really take a pounding and will make you look professional. Well worth the investment.
  5. HIGH QUALITY BUBBLE WRAP is necessary to protect those items that may break during shipping. Be generous in usage and protect your items well. There’s nothing worse for a buyer than getting an item in the mail that arrives broken. 
  6. PHOTOGRAPHY LIGHTING KIT…the quality of your pictures often determine who looks at your items and whether Ebay promotes them or not.
  7. HIGH QUALITY LASER PRINTER…this will be a huge money saver because it uses toner rather than traditional ink allowing you to print thousands of pages of labels, thank- you notes, or whatever communications are needed. This is the type of printer that big businesses use because of lower overall cost.
  8. You must know the “rules” of shipping and have knowledge of how to get your packages quickly to your customers and how this affects you and the feedback they leave you. Your feedback affects your ability to sell on the platform. Review this SHIPPING PLAYLIST in its entirety to save lots of money on your shipping costs and improve your bottom line.
  9. People may occasionally try to scam you. Certain products seem to have a higher “scam rate” than others. Here is a video that will help you to NOT GET SCAMMED OUT OF YOUR EBAY GOODS.
  10. Good supply of USPS Mailing shipping envelopes ( flat rate & legal flat rate shipping envelopes, get a few regional A & B boxes too). Order them for free at USPS.COM

BONUS: The right mindset is vital...listen to motivational videos and books while you work and allow nothing to stop you. How do you succeed at Ebay? Here is a short 3 minute video to help you succeed on EBAY and don’t stop until you succeed…thereby guaranteeing your success. Now go out there and make you some 💰.

Do you think these products will help you succeed online…leave us some comments below or tell us what you use to succeed on EBAY.

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