How to Drive / Operate Your VEHICLE For Less

Owning and driving a car can be very expensive. You have insurance costs, maintenance, tires, oil changes, deductibles in case of an accident and the list goes on and on…and on. What are some things that you can do to keep your calls under control? Here a couple quick tips that I’ve compiled to help you lower your overall operating cost.

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  • Add ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE / TOWING  to your INSURANCE POLICY for a couple dollars a year instead of paying hundred’s of dollars for emergency vehicle coverage with companies like AAA.
  • Keeping your TIRES rotated, balanced, and your wheels aligned extends the life of your tires reducing your annual cost of ownership. Buying your tires online can save you considerably in expense and have them mounted / balanced and installed at a shop. Check the prices…you might be amazed. Some sizes maybe as much as one half off the normal retail price.
  • Shop INSURANCE CARRIERS every couple of years and let the agent know that you are shopping for the best coverage at the lowest prices and dedicated to keeping your costs as low as possible. Ask what can they do to help you achieve that goal. They will usually comply if they think they will lose a customer. Sometimes LOYALTY to one company could end up costing you more. So be flexible and willing to change to save money.
  •  INDEPENDENT INSURANCE BROKERS can also be invaluable because they can search several companies at the same time and build a policy specific to you and offer you the lowest price custom fit for your individual needs.
  • If you financed your vehicle and have recently IMPROVED YOUR CREDIT SCORE, refinancing could put some money back in your pocket and save you hundreds, maybe even thousands each year. Review: How to Fix Your Credit Score…credit repair
  • Use the lowest grade of gas that your vehicle manual recommended. Most cars can operate efficiently using 87 octane. It hasn’t been showed to increase gas mileage or other benefits by using higher octaves and can save you $.10 – $.30 per gallon. Could really add up over the course of a year.
  • Taking a state approved defensive driving course could yield you  5-10% annual discount on you car insurance policy. If you have a clean driving record the savings can be even higher 10-15%. (Teenagers and new drivers can take this course as well to offset the additional costs of adding a new driver). Check with your insurance company for actual discounts.
  • ALWAYS BE FLEXIBLE…never wanting to change is a sure way to pay more for anything. Everything changes. ADAPT.

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