Home Security Tips That BURGLARS Don’t Want You to Know…part 1…AVOID HOME BREAK-INS


Everyone today is concerned about their security and that of their family. After all you want to go to work, come home and you want to relax in a safe secure environment. Unfortunately, there are those out there that want to come into your home and take the things that you have worked hard for. However, if you have ever experienced a burglary, you know that material possessions aren’t the only thing that gets taken…they can take your peace of mind. That is more valuable than anything that they can take from you. Not feeling secure in your own home makes you want to leave and move to another place where you can feel safe and secure. Keep in mind that if you have to file a claim of a burglary there is usually a deductible that can be $500-$1000 or more before they will pay. So how to avoid this from happening to you is really a very good money-saving tip. Make sure that you share this with everyone you love as you will see how serious this topic can be.

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Imagine for a minute that you are a burglar…would you choose your house?  You have no yard signs or stickers on your windows. You have no solar motion detector sensor lights. There is nothing at your home during the day / night indicating that someone is at home. There is no barking dog. Your home has no alarm system. Now think about what a “sitting duck” you would be if this description fit your home. It’s just a matter of time before someone may try to burglarize your home. Remember that the more roadblocks to entering your home that you can put up, the greater chance you have of keeping your home secure and burglary free. But by the same token, the less things that you have blocking them the greater your chance becomes of becoming a statistic. Also, keep in mind that just because you have never been burglarized or been a target before doesn’t mean that you can’t become one. As an example…there were 10,000 people killed last year…that had never died before. It’s that serious!

Things can be replaced…that’s the purpose of insurance. So this post is about keeping you and your family safe and secure and allowing them to feel good in their own home as long as you choose to live there. Keep in mind some say that if a burglar wants to get into your house they can usually do so, but there are some things that you can do to deter them from trying to get into your home, or even choosing your’s in the first place. Part 1 is all about keeping burglars on the outside of your house and not allowing them to enter your home. Family members could be on the inside and this makes it more important to take proactive action to protect them. Statistics show that if a burglar comes into your home and someone is there especially a woman…it greatly increases the chances that an assault could take place. Keep them out of your house at all costs!


One of the first things to remember is that burglars don’t like anything that brings attention to them, so we are going to get started talking about lighting. Proper lighting especially at night is very important to keeping the burglars on the outside of your home. I highly recommend money-saving solar motion detector lights . The solar saves you money and the motion detection puts light on the subject when detected. The benefits can be amazing. They light up all areas of the outside of your home long before a burglar can get close to a door or a window if they are aimed correctly. The cost is only the initial and the sun renews the batteries and doesn’t cost you any electricity to maintain (saving you money on your electrical bill). Make sure to put them up high on each corner of your home and make sure that they completely light up an area at night if someone comes close to your home. This item alone could keep a burglar from coming into your home, thus making your family more secure.

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If you have a driveway you can also add a driveway motion sensor to alert you that someone is coming towards your home. This can be invaluable to you so that you aren’t caught off guard if visitors or someone with ill intent comes in your homes direction.

When you are away you want to leave on some lights or add a lamp timer to make it look as if someone is at home. This acts as a deterrent to a burglar as well. Making the home look occupied is always a good idea even during the day when most burglaries take place.

If you are a single woman or elderly person living alone you want to make the front door look as if there is a big man living there. Go to the Goodwill or other thrift store, buy and put the biggest boots that you can find at the front door. You want to give the appearance that some “big burly guy” lives there. This also can be a deterrent to a criminal so that they won’t think that your home will be “easy pickens”…easy to rob.

Part 2 is coming next so stay tuned as I will show you just how easy it is for a thief to get into your home…you won’t believe it (even though you have deadbolts on your doors). Hint: replace your locks with “bump proof deadbolts”. Make sure to subscribe to this blog for more home security money-saving tips are coming.

So before we go ask yourself…when is the best time to protect your home and family-before something happens or after something happens? Leave us some comments below.

Watch this video to see what real burglars have to say about burglary prevention. Video is from HLN.

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