What you MUST know if you are thinking about Cutting the Cord on Cable and Streaming

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Ask 10 people how to save money and a few of them are bound to say “cut the cord“. One of the first things that people looking to save money want to cut out is cable (average cable bill $99-$120 a month depending on services / types of premium channels etc. and the number of tv’s that you have and use internet only to stream their content). Here’s what you must know to make that happen if you insist on using internet only and are considering cutting the cord. Make sure that you count the total cost of all the services that you plan to use and compare the cost to what you’re currently spending (it may be close than you think). I have outlined the 5 steps to getting a quality HD picture and great internet speeds for all your streaming needs.

The first thing you need is a super fast internet speed from a provider like Spectum that allow you to stream unlimited content with no overage costs or usage limits.  Unlimited usage is important to keep your costs under control and from getting surprise bills in the mail ( like some providers do ) after you have used over their limits. Check with your current provider to see how much usage you have. Check your current internet speed here.

The second thing you need to do is BUY a great ROUTER like this one ( buying a router will save you the monthly rental cost associated with renting one) that will be able to handle the fast speeds of today’s internet. (60 mbps +) and getting faster everyday.  Note: if you previously have a “N” or a “G” router that were used in slower internet speeds, or it skips and goes out…it may be time to upgrade to the speed shown in the link above. Extend your wifi signal to far ends of your home / business with a wifi range extender. (Click on the pictures below to see the details of the product)

The third thing is you must get a far-reaching HDTV digital antenna like this one on Amazon that will pick up your local channels and some other channels that you can pick up for free. The farther the distance that it can access the better and the more channels you can pick up.

The fourth thing you must get a Smart TV like this one that already have the apps built right into it and allow you to stream directly from the app with the unlimited internet service that you have. If you don’t have a smart tv it may be time to upgrade and get the latest 4K models on sale like the ones shown here on sale at Amazon.com.

Lastly, some like to stream using Amazon Fire TV (shown below) using the Firestick (below) or Roku Streaming Stick and use the combination of the other things listed to get some other TV shows, YouTube and some of their favorite premium channels. The savings are all over if you combine these tips with the others money-saving tips found in this blog. Happy streaming…let me know how it works out.

ps…You may want to top it all off with some amazing surround sound for the complete sound package and the ultimate viewing experience.

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