Money-Saving Tips from Real People

Screenshot_2017-04-27-00-00-48Everywhere I go I ask people one question and that question is “What are some of your BEST money-saving tips…something that helps you cut your costs down. Everyone had a different approach to their way of savings. See if some of these would benefit you. This is what some of them had to say:

  • “Go home–being in the street costs you money”  -Louis Johnson-owner (J&B Tires)
  • “Use the Wal-Mart App and only buy your groceries from there” (they price match), she received over $350 back last year from using the Savings Catcher App. “Never buy anything unless it’s on sale” – Resha Boyd
  • “Talk to other financially successful people to see what they do successfully and duplicate it” – Tommy Porter
  • “Buy in bulk and wholesale whenever possible. Get the big bulk discounts”- Randall Spears
  • “Get a good mechanic…it will save you a lot of money”(dealership hourly rates are very expensive) – Tommy Porter
  • “Shop around and keep it local”. – Tommy Cotney
  • “Don’t pay for repairs– try them yourself. Get on YouTube and learn to do it yourself and save yourself thousands” – Richard McGee
  • “Buy your houseplants only when they are on sale” (most expensive plants just need a little sun, water and tlc)  – Richard McGee
  • “People in uniforms get discounts or free drinks and other items. Senior citizens get the same benefits” – John Rogers
  • Uses apps and rewards when traveling using the Choice and Wyndham Rewards program and books online before getting to her destination. Recently stayed oceanfront in Miami for only $87 a night! – Geraldine Duke
  • Don’t give up easily on finding discounts–  Recently he had book a hotel at the Westin in Ohio for trade show this summer. The room was going for over $300 a night and thanks to the persistence of the agent that was working with him (she asked him if any family member worked for the government…he said “his wife was a teacher”) as a result, he was able to get the room for only $115 a night! – Bo Tidwell
  • Check the Groupon App regularly when going out to eat, on vacation, doing anything. She recently found a coupon for a local beauty salon that offered a $23 visit that would normally cost $45 -Kelli McGee
  • “Always Buy Quality, Shop around and compare unit prices –don’t get the first thing you see” – J.C. & Mildred Whitlow

Thanks to all the ones above that gave their input. I’m sure each of you has ways to stretch your dollars. What’s One of your best money-saving tips? Leave us some comments below.

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