The One Question You MUST ASK to Maximize Your Money-Saving Efforts

Screenshot_2017-04-26-18-40-09Ask and you shall receive. It’s been written down and holds true in everything you do even when it comes to spending your money on your purchases. If you could negotiate and get everything you purchased a little cheaper…how much would that give you extra each year to use however you wanted to?

This morning I had the opportunity to go to a dentist and get X-rays and some plans for some work to be done on the way how we set down and begin to talk and she explained to me the work that would be needed right away and the price was well over $3,000 so I sat there took a deep breath and asked her one simple question.  I asked her what money-saving tips and discounts do you have”? She paused for a moment and told me to use a 20% coupon that was on the Aspen Dental Website. I did, presented it and got the discount applied.  Imagine that… one quick question saved me over $600 on this one occasion just because I asked her for a discount!

Let me ask you…how did you get your mate or significant other? I got mine by asking her a question, I simply asked her. You will rarely get anything good or beneficial that you don’t ask for. Usually some type of action is necessary to get the desired positive results.

Again what could asking a simple question about any discounts save you in the future? Try using this question: “Are there any unadvertised specials, coupons or other discounts that can be applied”?  Wait patiently until they look and exhaust all avenues. They may say they have to ask the manager and that’s ok…you just want the discount. Would it be worth the extra effort or minutes to receive an extra 10-15% or more of all your purchases…everyday? It could really add up.


Try this for the rest of the week, month, year and calculate the savings, then figure out how much savings you would have using this question every day for the rest of your life !!

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