41 Cool Ways to Save Money On Your Monthly Expenses


Let’s face it we all want to save money on everything we buy but it’s the little everyday expenses that tend to hurt our budget the most. Here are several of the simplest ways to save money on our everyday expenses. Make sure you read them all the way down to the bottom and see how many you can apply and figure out the annual savings that you will have using these money-saving tips. Create a compelling reason for trying to hit your financial savings goal and make it happen. Here’s some ways to help you do that.

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  1. Use Your AC sparingly and use a Programmable Thermometer. They have been shown to save you 10-15% on your electric bill every month…forever!!
  2. Use Ceiling Fans year round to help control temperatures and air / heat flows in your rooms.
  3. Don’t get cash from an ATM. Stores like Wal-Mart and other retailers will let you get up to $100 as cash back for free with no extra charge.
  4. Watch the way you drive to avoid tickets and an increase in your insurance costs.
  5. Take shorter showers (set a timer) saves you on your electric / gas bills.
  6. Buy quality items that will last…like Cast Iron  ..don’t buy cheap items that have to be replaced every couple of years.
  7. Inspect your cell phone bill for over billing and errors.
  8. Use the Groupon App to buy discounts.
  9. Take discounted vacations like the ones shown on Amazon.
  10. Use houseplants to purify the air…cheaper that Air-Purifers and require no filters…ever.
  11. Adjust the temperature on your hot water heater down to the recommended temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  12. Buy good items from consignment (like Plato’s Closet) and thrift stores (but get only the good stuff)
  13. Go Solar on all outdoor lighting and motion detector security lighting. (Use free renewable energy source – the sunext
  14. Use 13-watt compact fluorescent bulbs on all your indoor lighting (60 watt equivalent).
  15. Just ask for a Discount..everywhere the savings are worth the effort. What’s the worst thing that could happen?
  16. Shop at overstock outlets like Ollies, Big Lots, and wholesalers like Sams Club / Costco.
  17. Check & Buy from Today’s Deals on Amazon (big savings)
  18. Use Cash envelopes for your expenses that Dave Ramsey talks about.
  19. Put your thermostat at 75 in summer and 68 in winter. See alsoProgrammable Thermostats…Do They REALLY save you money? What’s the best brand?
  20. Wash clothes on cold water when possible.
  21. Dry your clothes at night in the summer months to keep the house cool during the day.
  22. Check your Cable Bill and adjust your services for maximum savings.
  23. Compare cell phone providers and plans. Combine your services with other family/friends to get the best rates.
  24. Share rides to stores, etc and share costs on everything you can.
  25. Use Public Transportation to save gas and operating costs.
  26. Cook more at home. Eat out only ONCE a month=BIG SAVINGS.
  27. Invest in a crock pot and plan your meals weekly
  28. Senior citizens often get free or reduced items at restaurants.
  29. Go Generic on your Groceries.
  30. Use Generic prescriptions and combine with other store savings opportunities like gas savings etc.
  31. Use credit cards that give you cash back (1.5% or better) like Capital One)
  32. Don’t buy your favorite magazines at the store…get subscriptions to them cheaper on Amazon.
  33. Sign up for all savings /rewards plans at the stores you shop like CVS, Kroger, etc.
  34. Buy items ONLY when they are on sale (never pay full price) and stock up accordingly (see opening image).
  35. Save on your travel costs. Let your luggage / bags  fly free when you travel on airlines like Southwest ( Savings=cost X #bags)
  36. Download coupon apps
  37. Don’t ever buy Batteries again= lifetime savings.
  38. Get the Sunday Paper (has the largest number of coupons in them)
  39. Compare grocery stores savings and ads

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