35 Best Ways to Save Money on your Cable Bill…without Cutting the Cord

2017-04-13 07.39.58It has been reported that the average cable bill is around $99-$120 a month depending on the number of tv and the packages you have. Money is tight all over. Everybody I know is trying to save money on whatever they can and cut out whatever they can to cut expenses. One of the first things that  some people look to cut out is cable (seriously), now that may work for some but for most of us that’s not an option. But before you decide to do that and try “streaming” with “internet only” forever, these smart cable/internet tips may work for you.  Here is several ways to keep your cable / internet bills low and maintain the best coverage and options without missing the tv shows that you like to watch. Make sure you read them all. (This post may contain affiliate links.)


MoneySavingTipz Smart Ways to Save Money on Your Monthly Cable / Internet Bill

  1. Don’t agree to a contract (use a service that doesn’t require you to be in a 1 or 2 year agreement…prices typically rise after the first 90 days and 1 year)
  2. Bundle your services (don’t buy ala cart)…you’ll end up paying more for fewer services than you would with a promotional bundle.
  3.  Don’t “unbundle” once service is established…you end up paying more for the remaining services and may end up with a higher overall bill because of losing the “package deal”. If you do change services , check the effect on the price change before making any changes.
  4. Don’t pay extra for HD (high-definition) make sure your provider isn’t up charging you for this service…get it for free
  5.  Buy your own wireless router for your Wi-Fi wireless wifi router (cheaper than paying a monthly fee forever…keep your receipt and box in case it needs to be taken back).
  6. Go Far…Use a WiFi Range Extender to extend your reach of wireless internet to far out places in your yard (check the range and the distance)
  7. Drop unnecessary TVs. Don’t pay for extra boxes that you’re not using…pay only for the tv that you use on a regular basis (it’s costing you extra money every month)
  8. Don’t rent a modem buy your own modem if it’s not free with your service
  9. Pay on time to avoid late fees
  10. Make sure everything is Unlimited no over the limit coverages on the back-end
  11. Drop duplicate services like Hulu and Netflix if you already have On Demand on your current services (movies and series are likely to be included in the package)
  12. Check your bill thoroughly every month for unnecessary fees
  13. Don’t be late and don’t pay a late fee
  14.  Check the price of the DVR…see if you can get a free DVR with your service
  15. Download the mobile apps to take with you when you go on vacation camping using your new tablet.
  16. Get Unlimited…Use an unlimited provider  for unlimited mobile app usage
  17. Use the mobile TV apps to make extra TVs when needed download them to tablets, smartphones, computers ETC…( if they don’t have the mobile TV app you’re with the wrong company)
  18. Auto-Pay normally gets you a monthly discount…make sure you ask about it
  19. Save energy  –Put all your TV’s on  surge protector power strips to save energy
  20. Don’t be a slowpoke -Get Fast…make sure you have at least 60 mbps per second internet speed…Test your speed at Speedtest.net
  21. Skip the tendency to rent movies using your cable provider…use Redbox or wait until they come “On Demand” for free.
  22. Be Flexible– be willing to part ways with a long time provider if they can’t meet your needs any longer in a cost conscious manner
  23. Split the cost for fights and special events on Pay Per View…have a couple of friends over and divide the cost= SAVINGS 🙂
  24. Stay informed with what ALL the best cable / internet providers are offering and use that information to your advantage
  25. Renegotiate your current packages as time goes by
  26. Ask for Discounts
  27. Don’t remain in a contract just because…companies like Spectrum will buy you out of your current contracts with no contract of their own
  28. Be Nice whenever you have a problem always be nice to the customer service agents…they control what happens to you…be friendly and cordial
  29. Watch your Calendar…If you start a new service with complimentary services like HBO, Cinemax and Showtime make sure you stop them after the complimentary period and mark that day on your calendar.
  30. Be Wise  –don’t cut the cord just be wise with your usage of all the services
  31. If you Change Cable/Internet providers be nice to your sales person and ask them if they are any unadvertised specials available for you can get a bigger discount or free services they can throw in for the best possible deal
  32. Get Free / Reduced Install… try to get a free or ask for a reduced fee install
  33. Make a new friend… with the installer and see if there’s any features and services that you may not be aware of
  34. Internet only users :  150 Mile Radius HDTV Antenna
  35. Internet only users : popular Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire Stick

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