How to DOUBLE YOUR INCOME With One investment

When was the last time you invested in anything? There are many things we can invest in…we can invest emotionally, spiritually, physically in ourselves, in others, in our health etc. but today let’s focus on investing in your self growth (growing yourself). It has been said that nothing happens until we grow ourselves but how can we “grow” or teach ourselves what we don’t know. Think about that for a second…we can’t! We have to let someone else that has more knowledge, wisdom and experience in our designated area teach us what we do not know.  Otherwise we end up doing the same thing that we have been doing and that leads us nowhere but to frustration and defeat. Whenever you run into a person and they’re unwilling to learn anything new, that is not a wise person, there is another name for that.

Screenshot_2017-04-10-06-24-44Consistent learning is what separates those who succeed and those that don’t. It has been said that successful people and millionaires don’t ever stop learning, even when they have “succeeded”. “Knowledge is power” and that specialized knowledge is what can help you improve your finances and your bottom line.

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What if you had a chance to spend extended time with a millionaire one on one, and they taught you what they knew about money and finances, even answered questions that you had. What would that be worth to you? Do you think that you would be in a better position to go out and be successful yourself? Of course you would…because they taught you what to do, you could go out work hard and achieve similar success. Even if you’re not able to create the same degree of success, you would no doubt be in a better position to accomplish your goals. You would have been mentored by a millionaire and that could be priceless to you. Coaches and mentors typically at that level would charge thousands to tens of thousands of dollars monthly for their leadership and direction. I had a life coach 10 years ago and the starting rate was $150 a month for one hour of his time…and he was a friend from my referral group. The cost is very expensive and sometimes prohibitive.

What if you could get the mindset of a millionaire on money and finances by reading what they say or listening to their audio versions of this material to listen to while driving. What effect would that have on you? I can tell you firsthand that I have been to 2 live events by Tony Robbins ( I paid over $950 each for the cheap seats) and T. Harv Eker and I can honestly say that without a doubt my live was changed forever by what I learned at these events and participating in them. Now, that investment was over $1900+ and they helped me to make hundreds of thousands in income that I would not have made had I not went…but I never would have been able to do that had I not invested in myself.  Keep in mind that once you get this knowledge it is yours to use forever…that’s a long time to improve your finances and make more money at your job or business. What about you? What seminars and conferences on whatever is your passion have you been to or planning to go to…or do you make an excuse about not having the money etc. whenever they happen? Think about this…that may be the reason that you don’t currently have the money that you need is because you haven’t invested in yourself ! Without a doubt those that invest in themselves reap sweet dividends & rewards. The best investment that you can make is IN YOURSELF !!

When is the best time to “invest in yourself” ? Right Now !! Make a decision now to improve your knowledge about finances and money (they don’t teach this stuff in school). Never be broke again…Self education is the key. 🙂

Below is two of the authors that I believe in and that I have learned about money from attending their Seminars (investment in myself). The best time to make a change is right now…tomorrow never comes!!

Invest in Yourself…Get MONEY Master The Game>>

Invest In Yourself…Get UNSHAKEABLE-Your Financial Freedom Playbook

Invest In Yourself…Get Secrets of the Millionaire Mind>>


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