The Procrastination Fix…How to Stop Procrastinating

20170501_161129Are you a procrastinator? Everyone today is so busy with lots of things to do. How has that affected you and your finances or even your relationships? What’s the true cost of procrastination? How much does it really cost you waiting until tomorrow to do what you should do today? Is it possible to turn things around and be a proactive person ? I want you to think about this and look at ways that this one bad habit could be costing you big.

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Well my reason for writing this is because I have been one to procrastinate for a long time on things I didn’t want to do (probably because I try to do a million things at once), and obviously an excuse maker too, huh? Maybe you are too. Let me tell you how just one area of procrastination has cost me BIG recently. I was running an online business for many years and had bought a lot of inventory and had it stored in 2 (25×10) storage units. Well I haven’t actively been in the online selling business for a couple of years full time like before but held off on selling items in it saying that I would get to it tomorrow. Well…tomorrow never comes and over 2 years later @ $250 a month=$6000+ that I could have used in another way (I could have taken a vacation…lots of them), but I gave that money to the storage unit facility for all that time and didn’t make a dime off of it. Not the best use of my money like Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover Book said not to do, this money was totally wasted. I finally got around to getting it done. We just cleaned up and consolidated one of them the other day, but it bothers me that I wasted all of that hard-earned money and it made me think about other things that I need to get done and the true cost of procrastination.

So the question is this? What are you wasting money on by being a chronic procrastinator? Grab a to do list and write down all the things that you need to get done today in the order of importance and especially if it is or will cost you financially, emotionally, spiritually, or otherwise. What would you do with all the money, time or other benefit gained if you made time today and got it done now? Take one thing at a time and don’t get overwhelmed but work steadily towards your goal everyday. Keep on chipping away at it and look at the benefit or other value that would come from having this project (or whatever it is) done. Focus on what you gain not on what it costs you. Go ahead and do it now. Don’t delay…get started right now and get er done. Napolean Hill said “Do it now-today will be yesterday tomorrow”.

Remember the old saying : “If you keep on doing what you been doing…you’re gonna keep on getting what you been getting“- Zig Ziglar.  Start changing that procrastinating habit today 🙂

What have you been procrastinating on?

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