29 Ways to Cut your Bill at the Grocery Store…

One grocery item is priced high, one is priced low. Which item presents the best deal and how can you make your grocery budget stretch? First, you must figure out an amount that you want to spend for the month and divide that into how often you go grocery shopping. How often is the best? Will you go daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly? Keep in mind that the more often you have to go to the store, the more expensive  those trips become because of the time / gas involved.


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Here are some tips to help you stretch your budget:

  1. Create your budget with a Monthly Budget Planner
  2. Make a Grocery List
  3. Plan your meals with a Menu Planner
  4. Check the newspapers for “sales”…stock up when items are less expensive
  5. Figure out which stores offer “double coupons”
  6. Figure if it’s worth it to drive to more than one store or not
  7. Use the Bulk buying stores like Sams Club, Costco, etc.
  8. Use Coupons and a Coupon Organizer
  9. Get Coupons Here if you need them
  10. Use a calculator to keep up with how much you have spent
  11. Buy & Stock up on meat only when it’s on sale ( Invest in One of These )
  12. Buy Generics (they are often just as good)
  13. Compare ingredients to see if the items are the same
  14. Look below the items that are “eye level” …they are the most expensive
  15. Look at the dented cans and close-outs that can be a tremendous savings
  16. Don’t purchase unnecessary items (all those items around the cashier)
  17. Don’t pay full price for magazines at the grocery store (some are $9 or more each) Buy Magazines At a Discount Here
  18. Stick to your Budget and don’t go over (put something back)
  19. Ask if there are any discounts available ( store loyalty programs will save you more)
  20. Combine store savings w/gas purchases for more loyalty points
  21. Use the store pharmacy, florist, gas station for more savings on the loyalty program
  22. Save some of your budget for non-food items that can be purchased in bulk or at a cheaper price
  23. Pay in cash…you’ll spend less
  24. Don’t bring a credit card inside the store
  25. Check the dollar stores for some of your personal items like toothpaste / deodorant and buy once a month
  26. Use money-saving apps:  Saving money at DOLLAR GENERAL is this easy…using the Dollar General App
  27. Combine apps w/coupon use and multiply savings…may be able to get item free
  28. Read this to learn how to save $1000 at the grocery store
  29. Stick to budget for 6 months and take you one of these with the money you saved on groceries …gotta have a little motivation 🙂

Bonus tip: Don’t just save in this one area, save 10-15% of your monthly electrical bill using this.

What are some additional ways that you save money on your grocery bill? Leave us some comments below.

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