The Best AA Batteries To Save You Money …which is better Duracell or Energizer? Rechargeable or Disposable?

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I would figure that you spend a lot of money on little extra necessary things that you don’t even figure into your budget planner. Things that can wreck a budget…like buying batteries for your devices.The choices are endless and will either cost you or save you money. Should you buy regular batteries or the rechargeable batteries…which one will give you the best bang for your buck? Is it worth the extra cost to get the rechargeable kind?

How many batteries would you say are in your home being used? Think for a minute. How much would buying replacement batteries cost you extra this year? What about next year…and the year after that? Let’s do the math.

You have the (1)remote controls that use 2 AA times # of tvs …(2) Programmable Thermostat , (3) Flashlights for home security and car(s) I have about 5 of them. Some like the  BIG MAGLITE FLASHIGHT  that take 4 D size batteries, some like the new High Powered LED Tactical Flashlights (4)Controllers for the games …2 for each controller x 2 controllers=4 AA Batteries… ( and boy do they go thru the batteries) (5) Digital Recorders (6) portable radios and the list goes on and on. Get the point? We go through a lot of batteries. Companies like Duracell and Energizer love that fact that our spending just “keeps on going and going”…unless we beat them at their own game and purchase RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES  for all our devices. It’s kinda like the solar lighting that we bought that cost us one time and we never had to purchase that item again and the costs associated with it went away. This freed up monies to be used in a better way . Think also of the environmental benefits to this used up items filling up the landfills around the world.

Who knew that we were spending that kind of cash on something as simple as batteries. Being frugal is all about looking at every expense that we have and figuring whether there a better cheaper way to do this. So not only are they convenient, perform better, save you time / money and earth friendly. The choice is simple : Verdict is for the RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES. Case dismissed 🙂

As to the point of which is better Duracell or Energizer…both are very reliable and it comes down to personal preference. I happen to like them both.

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