How to Negotiate…and get the best deal on everything

images (1)Paying full price for everything that you buy is the recipe for one thing: Chronic Brokeness (is that a word)? Imagine if there was a way that you can keep more of your hard-earned money to spend on fun things or savings. What could that be? Think if you could save 10%-15% or more on whatever you bought, not just now…but forever. What would you be able to do with all the “extra money” that you would have? Could you contribute more to someone or a worthy cause, or take your spouse on that dream vacation that they always wanted. See my philosophy is: The less money we spend on everyday items, the more we will have to have fun with or help prepare for our future.

Well you can if you learn to negotiate...and I mean everything (even in the retail stores) that you visit. It’s kinda related to salesmanship…but before you balk at the idea and say “I’m not a salesman” give the thought a second to sink in. What if you improved your abilities to negotiate through learning sales techniques. I can honestly tell you that when I learned certain sales techniques everything became easier. Just think like this, if you were a manager…would you be willing to give a better deal to some extra nice person that showed respect for you and your establishment and SIMPLY ASKED for a better price on what they were buying. I can tell you from being in management that you will never get anything if you don’t ask for. If you don’t ask they won’t offer. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Ask the manager for a discount…”a closed mouth never gets fed”
  • Be cordial and friendly to everyone
  • Don’t be phony (be interested in them)
  • Smile
  • After they give you an initial discount, ask them “Is that the BEST DEAL that I can get?
  • Buying in bulk…get a discount for buying more than the usual small amount

Just think if you can master this one area how much you could save and then you can apply this to every area of your life. Buying cars, buying at a yard sale, asking for a raise, even buying girl scout cookies. Make it a game and keep it fun. Make sure that you leave them some room on the item to make money and not feel insulted. I have used these tactics and have saved a ton of money.  We rarely pay full price for things we buy. Why not try it? Think of the future savings if you learn to master this one skill.


Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In

What are some tips that you use to save money?

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